Tips on Training Your Puppy for Medford NY Owners

Congratulations on your Medford NY puppy! Training needs to begin immediately, considering what could happen to the precious shoes in your Medford house and the beautiful furniture. Whether you train your puppy yourself, hire a trainer, or attend classes in Medford some training tips should be tackled right away. Here are five essential tips for training a new puppy:

  1. Set up a good schedule: From the moment you bring your puppy home to Medford you should have a schedule planned out. Feeding time should be two- to-three times a day, at the same time every day. Take them outside excessively when first starting to housebreak the puppy, starting first thing when you wake up in the morning. Then when they get older and are house trained, take them out at the same specific times each day. It’s extremely important to be consistent and patient with your puppy.
  2. House rules: Make sure to decide on the house rules before you bring your new puppy home. Have an idea on what the puppy can and cannot do in the house. Are they allowed on the furniture in the house? Are they allowed in all rooms of the house? If these rules are set early on, the puppy won’t get confused in the future of the right and wrong things he can do.
  3. Rewards: Puppies and dogs are highly motivated my praise and rewards. Create positive rewards for when your puppy follows a command while verbally encouraging them. Having these rewards can make training more fun and gives the puppy something to work for. Once the puppy has the command down its time to ween them off the positive rewards. This will give them the confidence to preform commands on their own with no treat involved and learn that every command is not rewarded with a treat.
  4. Crates and gates: While training, it is important to restrict where your puppy is. During the night it is a smart training tool to have your puppy sleep in a crate. This is for the simple fact that they could potentially ruin the house when you are sleeping. It is also a good daily habit for the puppy, so they have a cozy place to their own. If started early enough, it gives the puppy a sense of security for the future.
  5. Socialize: This includes getting your puppy out to interact with humans and other dogs in different places. The earlier the puppy interacts with others the more comfortable they will be with them in the future. Bringing your dog to a dog park in the Medford area, will allow them to exercise both physically and mentally while interacting with other dogs in your area. This will also prepare your puppy to feel more comfortable at places like the vet and groomer.