A gorgeous little dog with lots spirit, the Snorkie will steal your heart in an instant. These designer dogs might not be among the best-known breeds, but they have been rising in popularity for the last few years. And with excellent reason! As the offspring of two purebred dogs, the Miniature Schnauzer and the Yorkshire Terrier, the Snorkie has a lot to offer to his family.

In spite of his humorous name, the Snorkie is an very smart little dog that thrives on human interaction and is a devoted family pet. Affectionate and cuddly, this hybrid will love to spend time with his owners, whether it’s napping while you watch TV or going on walks in the park. But, even though this Miniature Schnauzer and Yorkie mix is the ideal companion, sitting in laps is not the only role it excels at. These courageous and alert hybrids also make great watchdogs- even if their size prevents anyone from taking them seriously, according to